Bruneians: Read! Face a Book that isn't Facebook!

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As we mentioned last week, we have previously asked our Twitter followers to tweet us pictures of their bookshelf or book collections.

We’d love to see more! Are you from Brunei? Do you love to read? Take a selfie with your shelf/box/stack of books and tag it #brubookshelfies.

Here’s some of the B:Read team with our bookshelfies in various flavours: eyes-only, e-books, photoshopped head, and obviously our books! :D

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Some time ago, we tweeted asking if people could share photos of their book shelves or book collections:

So a few awesome people tweeted us their pics, like so:
(You may have to wait a bit for Twitter plugins to kick in)

Why bring these up again? You’ll see! ;)

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You buy a lot of books. That’s okay. Admit it. I have. It’s a good thing until you realize that you have over half of the books you buy end up on a bookshelf unread. Still, it’s okay, really. It is far better to buy books than overly expensive videogames, random Home Depot impulse binges, and, umm, stuff like Hummel figurines. Plenty of people spend their money buying and collecting all sorts of consumer products. We should be proud that our impulse buy item is a well-designed and intriguing new book. That new book smell… oh man.
Buying Books and Never Reading Them, by Michael J Seidlinger

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Our sincerest thank you goes to people who came yesterday, whether to swap or just have some fun with us, Mabohai Shopping Complex for providing us a space to hold our book swap again and finally, to our volunteers for being the backbone of our day. Thanks!

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Celebrate Movember with These Great Books!

Are you participating in Movember? Publisher Random House put up a post of recommended reading by three authors (spoiler: one of them is fictional). A Goodreads user has also a published a list of 5 must-read books for the month.

Movember is worldwide call every November to grow moustaches throughout the month to raise funds and awareness for prostrate and testicular cancer and mental health. Information for Movember in Brunei is available on their Facebook fan page.